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Founded on 27 September 1913 in Nole (Piedmont, Turin, Italy), textile manufacturing DINOLE® is the perfect balance between history and innovation. Over the years, our brand has become an excellence of Made in Italy worldwide, thanks to our philosophy of maintaining very high quality standards for our textiles, which has become our strength and our staple.

Protagonist of Italian style and design in the world, DINOLE® is one of the leading European velvet producers, and we supply our exclusive refined products to the most important and prestigious International Textile Editors.

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During its 110 years, DINOLE® has continuously researched and perfected almost every type of textile: Silk, Cotton, Linen, Viscose, Kid Mohair, Cashmere, Wool, Trevira® Cs, Acrylic fine velvets and fine Jacquard fabrics are the high quality products of DINOLE®.

110 years of productions and collaborations with established world designers allow the DINOLE® Style and Design Center to offer unique services: starting with the reproduction of a personalized color from any reference color sample, to the possibility of being inspired by reproducing ancient designs and colors taken from the DINOLE® historical archive.
Our archive is a precious casket with thousands of thousands of fabrics, color samples and expertly crafted, decorative motifs that are meticulously classified, cataloged and managed every day.

To us, DINOLE® means high production capacity in a short time, environmental sustainability and product reproducibility over time. How do we do that?

Because our entire production cycle is located inside our historic renovated 33,000 m2 factory.

Behind the rust-colored bricks, between the wooden doors and under the rounded roofs of the different departments, every day the magic of weaving comes to life during the production process: each velvet is born from scratch, starting from its design in the Style and Design Center, to then move on to the warping, weaving, dyeing, finishing, testing, quality control and, finally, shipping phases. DINOLE® can guarantee a completely in-house process for over 110 years, since 1913.

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DINOLE® has always used knowledge and experience to build a better future for people, for the planet and for the local community.

In the last 110 years, DINOLE® has always used tested, natural raw materials and products that do not release any dangerous substances into the environment nor during the production process and (more importantly) neither when our clients are using our velvets.

We are local: each stage of our velvet production takes place within the Nole site (Turin, Piedmont, Italy), allowing a minimum use of transport during the textile manufacturing process, thus avoiding harmful CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


DINOLE®’s sustainable development philosophy sinks its roots in economic and territorial responsibility, enhancement of human resources and respect for the environment and product culture.


Always in continuity with our original values, DINOLE® has never stopped evolving and looking to the future, even after 110 years of history.

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As one of the few textile companies with a long history behind them, that truly lives by the Made in Italy dictate, we carry on our tradition, that translates itself through new technology and constant product innovation: these are the reasons why we, as DINOLE®, are proud to have been recognized by the Italian Government as an excellence in Italian industry.


The continuous updating of machinery and techniques, the acquiring of new skilled professionals and the several international certifications, as our cotton velvet finishing technology imperfix®, OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and ISO 14001 are the reasons why the most important International Textile Editors turn to DINOLE® to this date: to create their own prestigious furnishing velvet collections, just like 110 years ago.


Come meet us at the best world textile fairs and events, or browse our website and social media to learn more about our history, traditions and dreams for the future.

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DINOLE® is the European leader
in 100% Made in Italy velvets
and fabrics manufacturing.