The linen velvet is produced using the “linun usitatissimum” fiber, originating from the Liberia and now selected in highly specialized plantations in the north of France. Linen has always been considered an ideal fiber, not only because it is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, but also because it only needs rain water and no pesticide to grow.
Once carefully selected, the fiber is extracted from the bark of the plant. It measures an average of 25 mm in length and has a diameter of 25 microns.

To obtain the finest and longest parts, the fiber is then brushed and spun using wet spinning technology. Thanks to this treatment the yarn acquires a shiny and linear appearance, becoming more resistant.

Linen velvet is one of the most classic, with its natural “used” appearance. This quality is soft but with a characteristic touch. Since the fiber is purely natural and strictly piece-dyed, it is quite normal for some random veins and small lumps to appear on the surface of the velvet.

Because of its properties, linen velvet offers a cooling sensation, guaranteeing good comfort and long-lasting high performance.

The use of linen velvet on a daily basis improves its appearance and increases its softness and resilience. On the other hand, when this velvet is consumed, some natural lights and shadows appear on the surface. This must be considered a natural feature of this quality of velvet, just like a linen dress that softens as it is worn.