Bright like silk, soft like cashmere, wool velvet is born from a very high attention in the selection of wool, using only the parts with excellent fineness and purity.
The Extra Fine Merino Wool fiber (19.5 micron) is dyed in fiber with reactive dyes and mixed in spinning to obtain a characteristic mélange effect.

This particular wool gives a natural resilience to the velvet, maintaining softness, lightness, warmth and dynamism. By letting them “breathe” in the air, the wool fibers regain their natural moisture, swelling and lifting the velvet hair.

This pure virgin wool velvet has the characteristic “W” construction, which guarantees resistance over time and accentuates the mélange effect of the yarn.

In everyday use, a play of lights and shadows on its surface is created, which is a typical characteristic of this kind of velvet, just like our precious Kid Mohair and Silk velvet.