The cotton velvet produced by Manifattura Tessile DINOLE® is extremely resistant, with a Martindale that exceeds 100,000 rubs, thanks to the quality of combed yarns, which are folded to give a smoother and shinier surface to the thread. Our velvet is suitable for both curtains and upholstery and upholstery fabrics.

When cotton velvet is used to create curtains or sofas it obtains its true look after a short period of time, due to the gravity and natural humidity of the surrounding environment. Cotton, like all other natural fibers, reacts to humidity, temperature and pressure. This can create slight variations in appearance, which are natural characteristics and not an indication of lower quality.

Furthermore, the cotton velvets of Manifattura Tessile DINOLE® have a special finish called imperfix®, developed in our laboratories in the 1970s and patented in 1995. imperfix® was designed to improve the general appearance and physical performance of our cotton velvets, helping the fabric to “recover” from the signs of pressure and increasing its resistance to use. imperfix® is constantly updated to comply with the new European directives concerning product safety and environmental protection.

The cotton of the Manifattura Tessile DINOLE® does not contain formaldehyde or other dangerous products, which in 2004 were classified in Group 1 of toxic substances.