Kid Mohair velvet is produced from the fibers of the angora goat. These animals are bred especially in Turkey. The name “Angora” in fact comes from Ankara, the capital of Turkey, where these goats have been known for over 1000 years. Angora goats are also bred in Texas and South Africa.

Mohair is characterized by a natural elasticity, that gives it strength and durability, and by the shiny and uniform appearance of the fibers, which have a reduced amount of black hair and a total absence of impurities. It is considered an eco-friendly fiber, as its production is eco-sustainable.

Living in areas with an extreme climate, the goat of Angora has developed a very compact coat with characteristics of ductility and water repellency that make Kid Mohair velvet suitable for the most demanding environments, ideal for high-fashion furnishing and luxury products.

The most refined fabrics are produced with the Kid Mohair, whose fibers are obtained from the first shearing, generally in the first six months of the animal’s life.

The fibers of Kid Mohair have a translucent white color and a diameter between 25 and 30 micros. The fiber of this fabric is particularly smooth and its length varies from 12 to 25 cm, measured by the mantle of young goats, which is why they make it the most precious part of wool.

The Kid Mohair velvet was used for the interiors of the first cars. A privilege for a few people, today it is not uncommon to find it in the most famous theatres, in large hotels, and inside sumptuous historical residences, such as the royal courts and the papal apartments.