The acrylic velvet produced by the Manifattura Tessile DINOLE® are designed and produced with an experience of over 50 years, which brings to exalt the characteristics of the acrylic fiber, not only visually for its shine, but also for its softness to the touch and for the great resistance.

A distinctive feature of acrylic velvet fibers is their versatility, as they are exclusively constructed with “W” binding, to guarantee a long life even in the case of intense use and are strictly dyed in yarn, to obtain a final result of great value. Compared to other fibers, such as polyester and polyamide, acrylic velvet comes close to natural fibers in the hand and in the appearance.

The acrylic Performing Velvet version for outdoor use is particularly resistant, colored, and sustainable (tested by the UNI EN ISO 105 B04 / 2000 standard), thanks to the excellent resistance to UV rays of the fiber and dyes used.

Thanks to our special finish, acrylic Performing Velvet improves performance in oil and water repellency, antifungal activity, and resistance to mold, keeping it soft to the touch.

The products made with acrylic velvet maintain their original shape, guaranteeing a high resistance to wear (with a Martindale> 100,000 rubbing), do not form pilling, can be cleaned and washed easily, they dry quickly, and are resistant to dirt: they are in fact, they repel oil and aqueous liquids (tested by the AATCC 30-2013 + ASTM D5035-11, AATCC 118. 2007, AATCC 193. 2007).