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Let us explore the reasons that led to the design of this product and the creation process of this unique Italian cotton velvet finishing technology. Let’s discover what makes Manifattura Tessile DINOLE® one of the most prestigious velvet producers in the world, other than its 100% Italian origins and its long history and traditions.


When cotton velvet is used to create curtains or sofas, it obtains its proper look after a short time due to the gravity and natural humidity of the surrounding environment. Cotton reacts to moisture, temperature, and pressure like all other natural fibers, creating slight variations in appearance, which are natural characteristics and do not indicate lower quality.


So what makes the DINOLE® combed cotton velvet so unique and durable?
The combed cotton velvets of Manifattura Tessile DINOLE® have their proprietary and patented unique finish technology called imperfix®, developed in our laboratories in the 1970s and patented in 1995. imperfix® was designed to improve our cotton velvets’ general appearance and physical performance, helping the fabric “recover” from pressure signs and increasing its resistance to use.


imperfix® is a unique velvet finishing technology designed to keep the beauty of cotton velvet unchanged over time and preserve the well-known quality of DINOLE®’s velvets. The standards DINOLE® adopted to develop and test this product are the highest on the market and are constantly updated.


How is it made?

At DINOLE®, the main focus is to offer the best possible product to fit our customers’ needs. Therefore, we have designed, tested, and patented ImperFix® since 1940, with all the know-how we leveraged through the 110 years of our brand life.


Engineered and patented in DINOLE® laboratories, imperfix® is a velvet finishing technology designed to enhance the beautiful aspect and physical performance of all DINOLE® combed cotton velvets.


How does it work?

imperfix® technology significantly improves the overall appearance and resistance to the velvet wearing out, allowing it to perform to its best. It helps cotton velvet withstand the most demanding uses for domestic and contract markets, giving better durability to crushes and assisting the fabric in recovering from pressure marks and any other stressful force or tension it may suffer.

DINOLE® cotton velvets are not afraid of shocks, crushing, or pressure because they carry an invisible secret that guarantees high resilience. imperfix® finishing technology helps DINOLE® cotton velvets suitable for curtains and upholstery, with a Martindale higher than 100,000 rubs. Thanks to this technology, the velvets can withstand even the heaviest uses while maintaining better durability to crushing and optimal ability to recover from pressure marks or any other possible damage generated during its employment.


imperfix® respects the environment

The evolution of the DINOLE® company has been dependent on respect for people, their knowledge and abilities, and the protection of the surrounding natural environment. imperfix® is a velvet finishing technology born, developed, and integrated with the historical DINOLE® philosophy that focuses on the values and uniqueness of the territory, together with respect for the environment.

Thanks to our vision and to constantly being upgraded to comply with the new severe European directives relating to the safety of products and protection of the environment, imperfix® is a 100% eco-friendly finishing technology. This allows all DINOLE® cotton velvets to be free from Formaldehyde and any dangerous products classified as toxic substances included in the Candidate List of SVHC issued by the ECHA.


During the manufacturing cycle, all DINOLE® cotton velvets treated with imperfix® are kept for several hours suspended, not rolled, and exposed to air so that the environment’s natural humidity promotes polymerization, allowing the pile to breathe and rise again. The water coming from the nearby mountains is the precious uniqueness of the territory that DINOLE® uses for this slow and natural process that will make the velvet ready to express its qualities, harmony, and beauty over time, getting better and better with time, like a bottle of excellent aging wine.


The Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) has communicated on its website that a national production company of excellence, historically connected to the Italian territory, can present the application for registration of its trademark in the special register of historical trademarks of national interest, as provided by the Intellectual Property Code (CPI).


What is it?

The Historical Trademark of National Interest is a trademark used by micro, small or medium-sized companies historically connected to Italy to market their products or services. This certification is released by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, provided that the company or product trademark:

  • Has been registered for at least 50 continuous years and renewed over time;
  • If not registered, it has been used effectively and continuously, and it has been instantly recognizable by the significant public for at least 50 years.

The only person authorized to submit this particular trademark registration application is the owner of the trademark itself, the licensee (with the consent of the former), or their representative, recognized as an authorized pursuant.

If the application is accepted, the historic trademark will have an unlimited duration without the need for periodic renewal by the owner/licensee.


The ultimate aim is to enhance the brand of companies that, for over 50 years, have been operating successfully in their respective production sectors and are historically connected to our country. It is also essential to obtain commercial advantages thanks to a logo that refers to the excellence and prestige of Italian products.


DINOLE® applied and obtained this particular trademark classification thanks to its Italian identity, the high quality of its products, and its tireless work in textile and velvet manufacturing for over 100 years since its foundation in 1913.


When the application was accepted, the company could add the logo created by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (↑ here above) to its brand and use it for commercial and promotional purposes. This is restricted to the products for which the registration was requested and accepted.


Set up on 27 September 1913 in Nole, a little town near Torino: more than 100 years of experience makes DINOLE® one of the most prestigious and renowned furnishing and decorative velvets and fabrics manufacturers worldwide. Generations of families have worked at Manifattura Tessile di NOLE, and even today, some of the employed workers represent the third and fourth generations.

Thanks to continuous investments, DINOLE® represents one of the most efficient European textile companies supplying the most exclusive international textile editors.

Fabrics and Velvets are produced thanks to the sophisticated machinery and cutting-edge technology that allow the creation of a finished product of exceptional quality. In the historic 33,000 m2 building, the secret of a secular craft merges with tradition. Behind the rust-colored bricks and under the rounded roofs of the building, the magic of the fabrics and textiles comes to life through a complete production process.

Each design and quality takes shape from its inception in the creative studio through to warping, weaving, dyeing, finishing, quality checking, and shipping to our international textile editors and wholesalers worldwide.

DINOLE® is the European leader
in 100% Made in Italy velvets
and fabrics manufacturing.