The trevira® CS velvets produced by the Manifattura Tessile DINOLE® are designed in a unique way and are characterized by a perfectly joined and compact surface of the hair like the most precious cotton velvets, thanks to the research of the dyeing method and the finishing point in our laboratories, specifically for this particular fiber.

trevira® CS is a modified “Permanent Flame Retardant” polyester fiber, that is capable of preserving aging, wear and washing, the fireproof properties permanently integrated in the fiber molecule. Unlike velvets that require chemical treatment to achieve certain functions, trevira® CS velvets are totally ecological. During washing they do not release finishes that could damage the environment and active agents (such as flame retardant) but remain firmly anchored in its fibers. The flame-retardant trevira® CS fiber and the yarns made with it are certified according to the 100 standard by OEKO-TEX® and have obtained the highest score, which means that they are also suitable for being in contact with the kids.

The trevira® CS Velvets, besides satisfying the most stringent international tests of fire resistance and wear for the contract sector, are above all elegant products suitable to be used at home with the characteristic of being resistant (over 140,000 laps of Martindale), to be washable and with a long resistance of color to light.

The trevira® CS Velvets are built on the same setups of the most prestigious velvets of the Manifattura Tessile DINOLE® therefore they have very high reductions of threads and wefts per centimeter, to give resistance in use and a perfect definition of the hair surface, with more than 3,5 million bows per linear meter.

It takes 20 hours of weaving and the use of a total length of about 32,000 meters of trevira® CS yarn, to make 1 linear meter of velvet.

The entire production process, including the latest quality control, takes more than 3 working days for each piece, to ensure the highest possible standard for our customers worldwide.