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Quality control is a fundamental step in making velvets and jacquard fabrics because it is the last step that a product has to get through before being packaged and placed on the market.

Quality control is crucial because it helps to define and differentiate one company from another: it is thanks to it that the products of Manifattura Tessile DINOLE® are recognized and appreciated all over the world.

The high quality of our velvets and jacquard fabrics is achieved through a carefully controlled production process and an inexhaustible effort to perfect the yarn.



One of the fundamental aspects of the Quality Control of the MT DINOLE® is the fact that it happens in a dynamic way; in fact, all products are checked at each stage of processing in order to ensure that the high-quality standards are maintained throughout the production process.

Once completed, the fabric is further controlled by a machine called “specola” (or “tribunale”): here the rolled piece passes through a roller on a sloping surface, fitted in the middle with a ground-glass window under which a light source helps the control in transparency. The operator slides the piece through a pedal, checking the quality, pointing out any defects, and correcting the imperfections gradually: when they are found they are corrected and eliminated through the darning.


Darning refers to all those processes that involve the regular reconstruction of the weave of the fabric, removing or replacing sections of threads or irregular weaves, eliminating small knots, impurities, and other imperfections that would undermine the final quality of the fabric.
This step is performed by skilled hands using mainly spring pliers, curved scissors, and a needle.

Every single meter of velvet and jacquard fabric produced is controlled by the expert eyes of highly qualified personnel, together with the help of automated and computerized processes.
Through these careful steps, we have the guarantee that all the fabrics created by Manifattura DINOLE® maintain the highest quality standards that, over the years, have made them recognizable and esteemed all over the world.

DINOLE® is the European leader
in 100% Made in Italy velvets
and fabrics manufacturing.